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 Crossing Over The Rainbow Bridge

In Honor of our dearest beloved pets,

may they rest in peace and always know 

how much they added to our lives.

Please share with us, your beloved pets.  

We celebrate their lives, for all they have 

done for us so unselfishly, and mourn their passing.


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SIDNEY PASSED SEPT 4th 2009 @ 6pm ----Sidney was a wonderful cat and kitten all his life. I had him ever since he was born. I will never forget he and his siblings were a big surprise that year on Mother's Day. I was told the cat I had Rascel was fixed therefore could not have any kittens. To my delight i now had 4 baby kittens no bigger than my hand. There was little Sidney....he was the last to be born, no tail, pushed up face, and bright orange like the pateches on hismother. I always wanted an organge cat.....he was a shy guy that always cuddled up to his sister FeeWee. The kittens all grow up together and I kept all for with thier mom all their life. However I guess all good things most come to an end. In a short time now, Rasel, FeeWee and Sidney have all passed leaving brothers Trouble and Sheldon to remain. I miss having them all together and miss the simply sits on the couch and purrs in my ear. Sidney you will be truely missed and I hope one day to see you with your family over the rainbow bridge waiting for me.

(This picture was taken 1wk before her passing. May 15th 2009)Holly was a Jolly old girl!! She was scheduled into the Guiness Book of world records as the oldest dog alive, but passed before being verified.....We all knew her value anyway!!!! I remember the day we returned home from Florida in April 2009...she recognized her old yard and ran as her little back legs were giving out from the excitement. She was the ripe old age of 23yrs when she passed on May 29th 2009. She was in her home with her family around her as she listened to the music she fell into a deep sleep crossing the rainbow bridge around midnight that night. RIP HOLLY YOU WERE A GREAT DOG TIL THE LAST DAY!!!

Sweet Roxy went to heaven on 2-12-09. She was a great little girl was a backyard breeder momma. Roxy was rescued in August of 2008 by ROSA's and was placed in a loving foster home. At her routine vet check up it was discovered that her little body was covered with fatty and cancerous tumors. Some of the tumors were located in her lungs and would be too dangerous to remove. While she was a candidate for chemotherapy, it was not guaranteed that she would be able to survive the rigorous treatment. We chose to make her comfortable in hopes that she would have a few more years left on this earth that she could enjoy a family of her own. She passed early on the morning of 2-12-09 with her foster mom by her side. She went over the rainbow bridge in peace. We know she is now pain free and happy in her new life.

I sadly write to inform you a most wonderful dog and DSA Prancer of 19 strong and happy years passed away on Jan 8th at 8pm. Prancer had a tremendous heart and gave me his all to the end. We enjoyed a great last day together. He ran straight to the car for our normal morning routine of a ride to the corner coffee shop for a coffee for me and a gourmet peanut butter doggie bone for him. We did this regularly almost everyday……. He walked in the yard as I worked in the garden on the new Pineapple Patch I had just put in a few days earlier. I left home around 1pm and Prancer stayed behind for his usual afternoon nap with Kevin. On returning around 3pm he was at the door ready to go out for a potty break and we walked into the yard together and out of no where he began gabbing and spiting up white think saliva. We rushed him to a local vet in Florida, calling our KY vets all along the way. Prancer was in sever respiratory distress and needed help ASAP!! On our arrival at the local vet they explained he needed a better equipped facility. They referred us to the Emergency Vet in Melbourne Beach. We drove like mad to get him there as we pulled up to the door Prancer took his last breathe and died on the spot, my heart broke. I fell to the ground and cried like I never did before.....my beloved devoted obedient loyal companion of 19yrs was gone. I lost my very best friend!! I had to know the cause.... We carried Prancer's lifeless body into the hospital for the vets to examine him. He told us it was "Spontaneous Bloat" Although rare to happen in a dog like him and the diet and conditions, etc. The vet explained it can happen any time in any dog. There are factors and breeds that it is more common in, such as the large deep barrel chest breeds or in dogs that have food and water prior to exercise. We were aware of these facts. We watched our dogs and their exercise especially not to cause a problem as this, but despite our best efforts this is what ended his life. He will so be missed by many. In his 19 years he brought such joy to old/sick folks in nursing homes, retirement centers, he taught children of all ages to love and care for pets in their homes through outreach, he starred on our public access program PETWISE, he received his Good K9 Citizen award, he helped with countless frightened foster dogs and cats that I brought home through rescue. He would be there to give them the needed reassurance in a new home. He passed his DSA title a few years back, enjoyed his outings with the Dog Scouts, walked in the march to open the new Ft Thomas Dog Park we have today in Ft. Thomas Ky. and loved me everyday of my life. He knew me and I know him so well we were a team. He won contests regularly with his good looks and great manners. He traveled to Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Michigan. He boated, he sailed, he swam, he hiked, he was my fluffy beautiful white shadow he went with me wherever I went. He waited patiently for me always.....he was truly my best friend. My heart is broken and my spirit is dimmed. He was one of a kind no doubt in my mind. He loved and enjoyed life and taught me to love and enjoy it too! I will miss him and so will countless others. I hope to see him again one day over the rainbow bridge........my awesome boy PRANCER.

Beavis was the the very first dog that I ever rescued. I happened apon him one day as my neighbor was beating him with a chain. He was the one that inspired me so long ago to save as many abused and misunderstood animals as I could. I learned alot of valuable lessons from him. Just as I saved his life.....he returned the favor to me and gave me purpose. We were friends for 16 long years and in that time he too saved my life by waking me on a boat trip in the Florida Keys. He alerted me when the boat had broke free of the dock in the middle of the night. Who knows what would have happened if he were not there. I will always remember that wonderful dog and what he did to form my life into what it is today. His memory will live on in the work I do now at ROSAS Rescue. RIP Dear friend.....love always L. Hodge

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