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  Rescue Our Shelter Animals and Strays


ROSA'S Rescue

Rescue Our Shelter Animals & Strays
A non-profit 501(c) (3) corporation


Our Mission

Rosa’s primary mission is to find permanent homes for adoptable shelter animals and strays. We rescue all breeds and emphasize the importance of training in building a strong bond with your animal. Training is included in foster care, and additional training sessions are sponsored by the rescue throughout the year.

We also focus on educating the community on the humane treatment of animals.

We are a network of individuals, partnered together, to provide temporary homes for adoptable animals.  During their brief stay with us, we work on stabilization and socialization of the animal, basic training, begin housebreaking and crate train, exercise and leash training, treat health problems and provide basic veterinary care, including immunizations, worming, spay/neuter if old enough, and microchipping.

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