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Exercise And Dogs by L. Hodge


Well just like humans dogs can benefit from daily excerise both mentally and phyically by starting a daily excerise rountine. I good 1/2 mile to mile walk in the morning or evening (Or both) will not only get you and Fido out into the fresh air but strenghten the bond between you and your pet. You can plan a part of the day where you and your dog can walk together.......there is alot of security in a rountine for a family pet. They become a more calm pet, they begin to read your signals/body language better, learn easier from you, and become more of a part of the family as intended. 


The pet will actually seem to tell time by setting aside the same time of day for the one on one time that your pet so much looks forward too. You will benefit from the walking by getting that well needed cardio but also by learning more about your dog. You can incorporate simple commands sit, heal, stay, as you walk rewarding the dog with snacks all along the walk. It becomes a fun learning experience for the dog and they are able to get out and explore with their powerful sense of smell. A big thrill for a dog of any kind.


If walking does sound like your cup of kibble.....

try geocaching with your dog. It is a family fun exploring game. The idea is to find hidden treasure in the woods, parks, neighborhoods, any place one might find a cache. To learn more about Geocaching with your family and family dog go to www.groundspeak.com


I hope you have been inspired to get out and explore the world outside with your family k9 companion......he's waiting!!!!!!!

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