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 Crossing Over The Rainbow Bridge

In Honor of our dearest beloved pets,

may they rest in peace and always know 

how much they added to our lives.

Please share with us, your beloved pets.  

We celebrate their lives, for all they have 

done for us so unselfishly, and mourn their passing.


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Sweet Lucy... had spent four years in a puppymill before coming to us at ROSAS. Was adopted out in 2008, and enjoyed the comfort of a real HOME for her least few years. She will be missed.

Sheldon Kitty....dearSheldon where do I began. He was the best!!!! This little guy never gave up despite being shot by a gun 3 times, having his front right leg and shoulder amputated and lung collasped he survived. He was an inspiration to all he meet and touched in his gentle way. He continued to educate children and adults about gun safety for 3 years. His untimely death was met by his old friend Manson (the family dog of 14 yrs.) Manson killed him for no reason other than prey drive. It was such a sad day, January 5, 2010....he will be truely missed...RIP my dear friend....

Trouble Kitty......where do I begin.....Trouble was born on Mother's Day in 1995. That day I became his mother along with his 2 brothers and one sister. He was twice the size of the rest of the litter and slept by himself from the start. I knew then therewassomething independent and different about time as a new kitten. He grow faster and bigger then the est and well before he knew it he was into Trouble....henseforth th name. He was a fabulious cat and I loved the time was sheared together through the years...he was ore like a dog...following and doing tricks, fetchng,etc. He was a one of a kind Kitty!!!!! RIP old friend....

Sunny Delight
Sunny was a little budgie we purchased at a Latino FleaMarket in Naples Florida.....we had her 5 yrs before she lost her life to a family dog. She would sing every morning with her big bird brothers JOJO and KIRBY.....we miss her song!!!!We miss her so much!!!!! RIP Sweetie!!

FeeWee was the only female kitten my queen had.....FeeWee was the smallest and she came into this world with three big brothers to watch over her through her life. She was the first to go after her mother died.....FeeWee did in my friend's arms while I was out of town. I hated that I didn't get to say good bye properly but I hope she knows we all loved her dearly and miss her so much....she was a cute little cat with no tail. She was 15yrs old.

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